Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jane's Oscar Picks

It's been a tough year and I haven't seen as many movies as I should have.  Only five of the nine best picture  nominees and a pitiful amount of the other categories.  It's shameful.  I deserve twenty lashes with a wet noodle as my late husband would say.

Of the best picture nominees, I missed Warhorse, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball and Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud.  Of those four, I am very disappointed  that I haven't managed to see Moneyball or Midnight in Paris.

The remaining five are Hugo, The Descendants, The Tree of Life, The Help and The Artist.  My favorites are Hugo and The Artist.  Both films have a common theme:  the early years in film.  Both were fun to watch and different.  Quite refreshing in the individual ways.

My pick for Best Picture is The Artist.
Best Director is Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist.
Best Actor is Jean Dujardin for The Artist.
Best Actress is Viola Davis for The Help.

I haven't seen enough movies to make informed choices for any other categories.

I am secretly hoping Meryl Streep wins Best Actress for her performance but I can't honestly choose her for this as I didn't see the movie.
I am predicting The Artist to take major categories due to the major buzz and its wins at the Golden Globes.  It is a delightful movie.

Best of luck to the nominees!
Geri and I will check back after the Oscars to recap and see how we did.

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