Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscar Results: How did we do?

I just took a look at our predictions.  How did Jane and Geri do?  Not bad.  Just looking at the major categories, Jane was wrong once (thought Geoffrey Rush would win Best Supporting Actor over Christian Bale, though Bale deserved the award).  Geri had two:  Social Network for Best Picture and Aronofsky for Best Director (Black Swan).  It was quite the race, rumor had it (over the news reports) that Social Network did have a good chance at winning as a large amount of academy ballots were mailed in at the last moment and may have been influenced by the unrest in the Middle East supported by social networks.  Aronofsky is always good.

I, for one (Jane) don't like the ten picture/five director nomination style.  I'd like to see the Academy go back to five nominations.  This is not kindegarten.  Does every ego in Hollywood need to be stroked?  Really?  My opinion, and of course I have one, is that the ten movie nominations is to get more people into movie theaters thus making more money for more people.  Plain and simple.  If Hollywood was serious, it would also nominate 10 directors, 10 actors, 10 actresses, etc.  You get my point.  Hollywood, stop it.  Those who love movies will still go see the good ones, maybe some of the bad ones, share their thoughts and encourage their friends.  Perhaps even more so as social networks continue to expand and do their work.

There, I'm done. 
Happy 2011 and enjoy the movies and popcorn.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jane's Oscar picks

Yes, it is that time of year.  I've thought and thought about this.  There are some very good films and actors/actress' that deserve the acknowledgment and praise.  Also, directors and writers.  So, without further ado, here is my opinion.

Best Picture:  Should win- Winter's Bone.  Will win- The King's Speech
Best Director:  Darren Aronofsy (Black Swan), Will win- Tom Hooper, The King's Speech
Best Actor:  Colin Firth, The King's Speech (should and will win)
Best Actress:  Natialie Portman- Black Swan (should and will win)
Best Supporting Actor:  Should win- Christian Bale, The Fighter, Will win- Geoffrey Rush-The King's Speech
Best Supporting Actress:  Melissa Leo, The Fighter (should and will win)
Original Screenplay:  Should win- Inception; Will win- The King's Speech
Adapted Screenplay:  Should Win- Winter's Bone; Will win-The Social Network.

I am not going to offer an opinion on any of the other categories as I didn't pay that much attention to them when watching the films, I may not have seen all films in that category, and/or I have no expertise in those areas.

I can't wait to find out the results.  Let me know what you think!